My first blog!

As a long time diary writer, I’ve decided its about time I started my own blog!

I went vegan in January this year, and though a blog would be the perfect place to document my cooking attempts, journey to fitness, product reviews and worldwide travels in search of sun, sea, sand and vegan goodies!

To be honest I’m surprised its taken me so long to go vegan. I went vegetarian at 8 years old. When I was a kid we lived in the countryside, surrounded by all sorts of animals, and we had chickens in the garden. One year my Dad came home with a pet Turkey, we named her Sylvia. The first Christmas after getting Sylvia we had turkey for our Christmas dinner. As the large turkey was pulled out of the oven, I asked my Mum what it was. “Turkey”, she said. “Like Sylvia?”, I asked. “Yes, I guess, like Sylvia”, my Mum replied. My Mum recalls a somber Christmas dinner that night. I sat at the table, pushed the turkey around the plate, eating only the vegetables. I wish I could remember what was going on in my 8 year old mind at that point, but one things for sure, I clearly knew there was something fundamentally wrong with eating the animal on my plate, but at the same time loving the same creature in my garden. I couldn’t bear the thought anyone hurting Sylvia, let alone eating her! I started asking lots of questions. “Whats bacon?”, “Whats beef?”, “Whats mutton?”. The next day I proclaimed to my parents that I wasn’t going to eat meat anyone. I loved animals, and realised that if I loved animals I couldn’t eat them. If only I knew the cruelty involved in the meat and dairy industry, but this was back in the mid 90s, and I was only 8.

Anyway, fast forward to New Years Eve 2016, and me sitting watching Earthlings. Well, that was an experience I don’t ever want to repeat, and it turned me vegan overnight. I know its old and a bit dated, but I honestly still recommend Earthlings to anyone who will listen. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to. It will change your life.

I thought I’d just have a wee recap on my first post of some amazing vegan places I’ve eaten in and around my city of Glasgow.

First up, Steak Cattle & Roll (Merchant Square)!


This is The V Burger. It is DELICIOUS! I used to juice a lot of vegetables for my lunch, then mixed the saved fibre with vegan mice to make meatballs, and this reminded me so much of it! Doesn’t sound great, but trust me, try it! Steak Cattle and Roll have a great extensive vegan menu, just a shame about all the actual meat they serve. They also serve massive vegan super milkshakes, which I have yet to try (mainly due to always being so full after their monstrous burgers!), but I intent on sampling soon!

Matzaluna, Clydebank


Right next to Empire Cinema in Clydebank is Matzaluna, a fab pizza joint with vegan cheese! Pizzas are £7.95 each with as many toppings as you like! They are very tasty, shame there isn’t more of them!

13th Note Cafe, Glasgow


This is the BLT sandwich and a Chocolate Torte. OMG, both were astounding! I love 13th Note. The staff are super friendly and the menu is just fab. I need to get my butt in there again soon, its just too good! Sadly the 13th Note isn’t fully vegan yet. Its vegetarian but most of its menu seems to be vegan.

I think that will do for now! I’m still trying to figure out all this blogging and editing stuff, so you will probably find my posts will be a bit all over the place until I work it out (which may be never!).

Love, Alison x


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