Supermarket Vegan goodies!

So last night I popped into my local Sainsbury’s for a nosey while waiting on a lift. I am actually in love with Sainsbury’s, they’re probably the most accomodating supermarket for Vegans, and they label all their Vegan own goods which males things SO much easier!

Their plant milk section is the biggest I’ve ever seen, I was mega impressed. I picked up this Pip and Nut Almond Milk. I’ve never seen it before! I’m pretty sure its not a new brand but its new in Sainsbury’s. Its delicious, with a hint of coconut. I had it with coffee and it was so creamy! That reminds me, I need to try out the holy grail of plant milk- Oatly Barista!


I also got these cute wee white chocolate buttons Rondellos. The first one tastes a bit funny, but after that they really do start to taste quite creamy!


I seen this Alpro Oat yogurt and just had to have it! It reminded me so much of a yogurt I used to have as a kid. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was delicious and this is a good alternative! There was other options that included fruit bits, so I’ll need to try them next time round! I did get my fruity fix from the Alpro Protein yogurt with passion fruit. OMG passion fruit is life! Is there seriously a more delicious fruit?!

So yeah, last night was a sweet overload as I delved into all my goodies!

Excuse me while I go eat a bowl of Edamame beans for dinner…



One thought on “Supermarket Vegan goodies!

  1. What wonderful vegan finds!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about the store you adore! We don’t have those here! I just posted on my blog a surprise I found at my local Walmart today! I already ate it! LOL

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