Christmas Markets and Wagamama Vegan Menu

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Glasgow Christmas Markets after work. Unfortunately the ones in George Square haven’t been set up yet, so they weren’t open, but the lights on display were fantastic! They have the ferris wheel again this year, which I have yet to brave. I’m not sure if I’m more scared of the height, or of how bloody freezing it will be up the top! It was cold enough at ground level last night just wandering around, never mind 40 metres up!!

As it was closed we headed along to the markets at St Enoch’s centre on Argyle Street. Every year the work girls have a Friday Christmas lunch at the markets with food and drinks, and as this is my first year being vegan, I was worried there wouldn’t be any options for me (it was hard enough as a vegetarian trying to find something!), but I was super happy to spot a fried potato stall with a garlic potato option and all the ingredients listed (forgot to get a picture, doh!) but it was basically potatoes, oil, garlic and herbs! Can’t wait to dig into that next Friday with a wee mulled wine! We stopped off at the bar for a nice mulled cider to heat ourselves up. I’m not a big drinker and haven’t drank for about 2 months, but I’m defo getting into the festive spirit early this year, so couldn’t resist a wee cheeky hot cider! 

After the markets we headed to what has to be one of my favourite restaurants- Wagamama! They have recently launched a brand new separate vegetarian/vegan menu, which is fab and so much easier than having to sift your way through all the other yuck to find the vegan options. I opted for old faithful yasai gyozas, followed buy a new vegan dish- kare burosu ramen. Oh my god it was delicious. It had udon noodles at the bottom with chillies, coriander, tofu and these amazingly delicious fried mushrooms on the top. The sauce was incredible too. So glad I chose to branch out and try something different as opposed to getting the yasai itame like I always do! The vegan desserts were both sorbets, which I a bit disappointing as it always feels like a cop out. I’m not a massive fan of ice cream (or cold stuff in general), so I don’t find anything appealing about paying £4.25 for a lump of cold flavoured ice!

We’ve got a thanksgiving dinner to go to tomorrow (friend is American), so I will do a wee blog about that and the food there (I’m the only vegan, boo!). It’s away in Campeltown through, which it a town 3 hours away from Glasgow on a jut of land off the side of Scotland. See picture! Not looking forward to the drive, but I’m bringing the dessert! 


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